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SUMMER is right around the corner!  To help you get ready we have all kinds of bright colorful outdoor decor!  Check some of them out below or go to our Garden Accents section on the left side of the page!  You'll find colorful stepping stones, bird feeders, bird baths, gnomes, lawn ornaments, planters, fountains, and much more!

Monster Gift Store is a great online gift shop. More than just a gift store, we offer you unique
high quality gifts and collectibles at low bargain prices.
We have an abundance of gift ideas for all occasions and absolutely everyone on your list making this, the best little online gift store.


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ep-i-cu-re-an adj

1. devoted to pleasures and luxury, especially good food, good wine and good spirits.
2. suitable for or pleasing to an epicure

Just me, my beautiful wife Katie, and a dog named Monster. That about sums it up...

In February of 2006, Katie and I first met in Florida on business and we knew we were meant for each other right away so... we got married the following April. In October 2006, just 6 months later, I packed up my wares and moved to California leaving the cold behind. I enjoyed winter most of the time, but I'm certainly not missing the -30 Celsius temperatures. Brrrr. Too cold even for an ex-musher like me.

We are not financially well off by any stretch of the imagination, but we do enjoy the small pleasures in life (see epicurean). That is why we decided to open up this store. We go out looking for foods, wines, apparel and other items that are of good quality and most important affordable so that we can share them with you.

Any questions, please feel free to e-mail us, and don't forget to join our Newsletter.

Have fun shopping!

Patrick & Katie